The Sage Experience

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Our Mission

Charleston, South Carolina is the quintessential destination for a wedding or any special occasion.  Enchanting locations, breathtaking scenery, historical landmarks, and delightful cuisine, along with lasting memories to be cherished.  Our mission is to execute the dream you have always envisioned by ensuring your wedding or event is immaculate in every facet imaginable.

Wedding Consulting Process

The Sage Innovations team focuses on full-service weddings; in other words we will coordinate and manage every vendor involved in your day and only use unique partners who we trust to expedite your dream seamlessly from vision to execution.  Sage Innovations will deliver guest gift bags, book and manage accommodations, facilitate transportation, secure and manage contracts and a detailed budget, and happily assist with any and every other detail.  We would be thrilled to be involved in helping you plan the perfect honeymoon as well if desired.  Encompassing an innovative ability to cherish, nurture, and draw forth the heart and soul of each bride and groom enables Sage Innovations to create a wedding experience that, from start to finish, feels like a natural compass of charm and affability.  Sage Innovations offers boutique style consulting unlike any other wedding and event planning firm you will ever encounter. Perfection is in the details of someone who is vigorously working behind the scenes to captivate the client and their guests through a magnificent soiree. With eight years of experience in the wedding and event industry, Cory offers a wide variety of exclusive gifts catered to ensure that each client witnesses an unforgettable occasion.