Five ways to tell if an online poker site is safe or not

August 19, 2019Poker Standard

Online poker is totally popular around the world, it is one of the most popular online casino games and one of the top-earning online gambling game in the world today for a lot of reasons, particularly convenience and availability.

With its popularity comes also some downsides like malicious sites that pretend to be a genuine online poker site that victimizes unknowing online poker players by stealing their money or other means where they can easily make money out of people’s pockets.

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In order for you to stay safe and secured, here are some important considerations that you should follow and look for in an online poker site that you want to register and deposit with, or much better download the idn poker apk.

  1. Check out the bonus– Usually, legitimate or genuine online poker sites provide you with a sign-up bonus available at the site. If the sign-up bonus is worth a percent of your initial deposit, then you could tell that it is legitimate because, usually, fake online poker sites provide you with a too good to be a true sign-up bonus, bigger than the amount that you deposited.
  2. Check the number of customers the site caters– Usually, one telltale sign that an online poker site is legitimate is the number of players that play there. If there are a lot of players that you can see in a single online poker room, then you just registered to a genuine site, however, if there are only a bunch or a few of players, you should reconsider depositing to that site and move away as quickly as possible.
  3. The frequency of tournaments– Online poker sites has weekly tournaments, while some offer tournaments on a daily basis to keep players from playing and being entertained. In this case, you should look for a site that has a reliable single and multi-table tournaments that are available on a weekly, daily or a monthly basis that you can choose from. If there are none, then you should move away from that site.
  4. Check the software used in the game– If you are planning to stay at a particular online poker site for a while, then you should always prioritize the quality of the software used in developing not just the site, but the entire online poker game also. You should pick the one which has the very reliable user-interface that you are comfortable with which means that the software that is totally smooth and does not stall a lot. This should be relatively fast and should offer you as many poker rooms as possible. Usually, a trustworthy online poker site has a seal of its developer and software provider that can be seen at its landing page.
  5. Check the deposit methods– A reliable online poker site provides a very convenient way for their customers to deposit and cash their money out with different methods. It could be through bank transfer, third-party payment transaction, or in other means, and above all it uses an encryption security feature that ensures your safety.