Season your aluminum lasagna pan for non stick cooking

February 26, 2020Shopping Standard

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook a delicious meal and having it stick to the pan’s bottom. A well season or cured pan will make cooking more fun, easier to clean and create better tasting food. There is a saying in the restaurant industry; hot pan or cold oil. Meaning never put the oil in a pan and then heat up it. By heating the pan first and then adding the oil then immediately the food, you will have much less sticking. Furthermore if you season the pan when you first purchase it, you will have results.

aluminum lasagna pan

Curing by metal types

Stainless Steel – Unfortunately Stainless steel cannot be seasoned due to the metal’s hardness. A matter of fact we do not know. They are fantastic for storing food because the food would not react with the metal for cooking but dreadful. Our advice would be stay away from them.

Aluminum – First wash the pan with soup and water using a sponge or cloth no steel sponge. Rinse and dry completely. Heat the pan until hot then add two ounces of oil. Swirl the pan so the oil coats each area of the pan. Allow the pan cool. Remove the oil and repeat the procedure. From this point on never use soap. Wash with warm water and dry. If some food does stick us a little salt with a paper towel and oil.

Teflon and other none stick Surfaces – There are dozens of infomercials and Non stick technology has come a long way through time. However, the truth is non stick pans will stick. For seasoning aluminum pans follow the steps along with your non stick pans perform better and will last longer. Remember after the first time, never wash with soup.

Wok’s and cast iron – Fore cast Wok and iron’s the course of action is similar but because you will heat the pans to a temperature that is higher. Fist wash the pan with soup and water then dry thoroughly. Heat up the pan until it is hot. Add two ounces of oil and swirl to coat all sides. Let cool and remove excess oil. Heat the pan. Add more oil and repeat the procedure until you have done this three times. Never wash and keep you pans at any angle or so that they would not rust simply by hanging.

By taking the time to correctly year you pans, you may enjoy cooking with aluminum lasagna pan and increase the life span of your investment. We recommend buying quality and spending a little extra cash take care and pans of them in the future you will be happier. As you increase you cooking skills you will find recipes begin on the burner proceed to the oven. By having an all metal pan this transition is flawless.